Longest flights from the US – Los Angeles to Singapore

At 8758 total miles one way, the nonstop flight from Los Angeles to Singapore has a scheduled flight time of about 17 hours and 50 minutes. This Singapore Airlines flight is one of the longest flights that departs from the USA. As of this posts writing, there are two flights a day from LAX covering this nonstop route. The morning flight leaves LAX at (9:15am) arriving SIN in the early evening (7:05pm) the next day. The evening flight departs LAX at 10:25pm, and arrives into Singapore in their morning at 8:15am two days later. The aircraft used on both routes is typically an Airbus A350-900. The flight on the next post is even longer than this one.


One of the many things that impressed me about Singapore when I last visited was how clean the city is. The great variety of good food there is also a treat to enjoy.

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