Flight time

Many factors determine how long a flight will be. Distance between the origin and destination is most important. But other things such as the flight path, airline, aircraft type, and strength of headwinds or tailwinds also play a role in influencing flight duration. Knowing what is the typical flight time for a flight as well as how much that time may vary can help with trip planning.

On this site, we list average flight times between airport pairs for direct, nonstop flights. These are itineraries without any connections or stopovers. Please note that the first times listed in the posts are the air time, meaning the amount of time between takeoff and landing. For purposes of planning a multi-segment trip, or for just knowing how long it will be until one gets off the plane, a longer time, the gate to gate time is needed. Approximate gate to gate times are listed later in the posts.

There are a number of ways to efficiently use this travel website. On the right hand side of the page is a drop down menu of links to our category pages, which are based on the state or country the airport is in. So if you are interesting in how long the flight is from San Francisco to Tokyo, you might click on the CA link to see California airports. And then select the right post. Another way to find the duration of the flight is to use the search box on each page. E.g. by typing in the city pair your flying between, or the two airport codes. Visitors can also explore the site’s most popular posts as well as related posts.

Best wishes for an enjoyable flight, and hope you return to visit this website soon so that we may help provide you with flight duration information again in the future.