How long is the flight from Hoolehua to Kona | Flight time from MKK to KOA

This page answers the question how long is the flight from Hoolehua to Kona. Time in the air or flight time is on average around 57 minutes when flying nonstop or direct without any connections or stopovers between Hoolehua and Kona. The flight duration might vary depending on many factors such as flight path, airline, aircraft type, and headwinds or tailwinds. Flying time for such a commercial flight can sometimes be as short or shorter than 48 minutes or as long or longer than 1 hour and 1 minutes.

Gate to gate time for a flight is longer than the flying time due to the time needed to push back from the gate and taxi to the runway before takeoff, plus time taken after landing to taxi to the destination gate. The amount of time from when the airplane departs the Molokai Airport gate and arrives at the Kona International At Keahole Airport gate is about 1 hour and 27 minutes.

The Hoolehua HI airport code is MKK and the Kona HI airport code is KOA. The flight information shown above might be of interest to travelers asking how long does it take to fly from MKK to KOA, how long is the plane ride from Hoolehua HI to Kona HI, and what is the flight time to Kona Hawaii from Hoolehua Hawaii.

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